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Parenting advice especially for single parents, with op 10 lists of how you can parent your children, and how you can deal with the ex-partner who is not prepared to learn and apply your parenting advice.

Top Ten Bad Parenting Habits to Avoid (Part 1)

Top Ten Bad Parenting Habits to Avoid (Part 1)

Bad Parenting is a common problem in our society and the proliferation of single parents and co-parenting is only making the situation more difficult for single parents. While no one sets out to be a bad mom or dad, many are finishing in this position by default because they are unsure of how and when to discipline their children. Children do not come with a handbook, so for most young parents, being positive parents and avoiding inconsistent or bad  behaviors becomes a matter of trial and error. Yet often our good intentions and desires can sabotage the way in which we parent our children, with many of us choosing to be a popular parents rather than good ones! In the day-to-day running of things it is easy to fall into habits that are not beneficial to our children without knowing it. Here’s a list of the top 10 habits that you can break in the next seven days. So Here’s my Top 10 Bad Parenting Habits to Learn to Avoid  1. Being a Friend Rather than a Parent We all love to be loved, and we want to be loved by our kids. However, more than a friend your child needs you to be a parent, and many times these roles are mutually exclusive. You need to be a leader, teacher, provider and a disciplinarian. If you have limited time to spend with your them in a day, it is not easy to be all of these things plus a friend. But good parents take charge, no matter what the kids might say, despite their expertise in making you feel guilty and like they do not love you if they do not get their own way. When you are a parent instead of a friend to your child, your child ...

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