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Teenage Mothers Help Restore Faith in Teenagers

teenage mothers helpMost people think that most often teenage mothers help establish the idea that all teenagers are self centered, lazy and useless, but this could not be further from the truth!  Sure, there may be some who fit the image of laziness and selfishness, but there are also those who provide a very positive image, if you have eyes to see it!

Which Teenage Mothers Help Restore the Teenage Image?

Young mothers are most often single.  They have most often experimented with sex as a teenager, as many teenagers do, and they have fallen pregnant.  They may have been young when they fell pregnant, but they made a decision to have a child and bring up a child and most often they do this recognizing that they will have to commit 20 years of their life to the task.  They also know that there is little in the way of teenage mothers help, so they are taking on a big task

These teenage mothers help destroy the stereotype of selfishness and laziness.  While their friends are out there partying, many of these girls forego this and make a commitment to put their child first.

On occasions they may get their mom to mind the child and they can still go out, but often they ignore the peer pressure and put their child first.  For a young mother this is hard, and when they decide to commit to their child, they are required to grow up awfully fast.

Our image of teenagers varies according to the teens we know.  Your view of teenagers in general will be different if you are an avid churchgoer, verse if you live in a ghetto.  However, seeing teenage mothers as selfish, promiscuous, immature burdens to society is grossly unfair to the girls who are determined to make a go of it and become successful moms.

Although there are some government teenage mothers help packages, if you have ever raised a child you will know that the money from governments will never cover the cost of bringing up a child.  Thinking that teenage moms are doing it for the money is not really sound.

You need to remember that becoming a great mom takes commitment, and none of these teenage moms set out to become bad mothers!

The point is that very often you will see what you want to see.  It is easy to be critical of young moms, and they don’t need you condemnation, they need your support, and they need your affirmation. Say something positive, do something nice for them.

If you have eyes to see it, teenage mothers help confirm the best things in humanity, not the worst!

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