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Good Parenting Techniques You Can Use Immediately!

Parenting techniquesWhile there are quite a few good parenting techniques that you can learn, the most necessary thing is to start employing them. You most likely are overwhelmed with many other philosophies and ideas, but being a good parent concerns actually utilizing those tips, and that’s what I want to consider now.

Good parenting takes not simply techniques and theories, so here are three practical tasks you can start doing now that will improve the way you parent your son or daughter.

1.    Spend Time with Your Kids

If you would like to show your kids that you love them, spending time is one of the most important things you can do. Good parenting is about making time for your kids, on their terms instead of yours. So forcing them to go with you shopping is not exactly quality time, but taking them to the movies or their favourite restaurant is.

2.    Know Where They Are

While we’re not promoting stalking your child, as a responsible parent you have to know where your children are, what they are doing and who they are doing it with. Letting your children get out of control is not good parenting.

3.    Screen Their Screens!

Keeping tab on your child screen activity is part of modern parenting. Whether it is the web, on-line games, take sting or DVDs, guarantee that what they are watching and playing fits with your view of life, and limit them to around a couple of hours a day of screen based recreation.

Learning any strategy is useless unless you applied, and in the case of your children it is more significant than ever. We have many methods to give out on our website, and it’s all free, so drop by for good parenting techniques you may apply right now.

How Single Parent Families Can Make It

Single parentingIn our contemporary society you can find more single parent families than before, and while it may be difficult, I feel they can do a good job of bringing up their kids.

There are many important factors which allow single parent families to have success, so if you are parenting as a single mom or dad, here are a couple ideas to help you and your loved ones.

Get Support

We’re not an island, so if you would like your family to really make it make sure that you get support from people surrounding you. It’s generally way too much to ask that your ex is going to be supportive, but you can acquire support from your parents, close friends or relatives who have an active involvement in your family, and love your kids.

Get Training

A lot of people are unaware of the unique pressures you face as a sole parent, including your ex-partner undermining your parenting skills.

Getting some training and the right advice is very important for single parents. Our website has loads of practical parenting ideas and techniques that you can employ with the family immediately.


Get Serious

While many single mothers and dads experience lots of drama in their families, the successful ones get seriously interested in parenting, and learn the best techniques. We want to help you to establish the right boundaries, consequences for our actions and anything else you need, so check out the free information that we offer.

With the proper help, advice, ideas and techniques, single parent families can not only make it, but can become successful, powerful and awesome families!

The Trials of Single Parent Fathers

Single parent fathers Single parent fathers are under a different type of pressure to the average father. Instead of being able to share the load of parenting, single parent fathers often have to stand alone, and frequently they are in conflict with the estranged mother of the children.

Most fathers have to work to earn income and support their families. If a father’s single, coordinating work time and time with the children is often a more difficult task than for a married man, because when they have the kids there is often no one to help them share responsibilities.

Yet many single dads find that they get to spend better quality time with their children, perhaps because they have limited time available and they have decided to make the most of it. Many dads take real delight in prioritizing their family time, and if they are wise they will realize that their time with their children has to take precedence over work and other social activities.

There are several difficulties faced by fathers who are Ron their own. In addition to 2 limited opportunities and time with their children, they often have a rocky or difficult relationship with the mother of the kids, and all that this entails for parenting. As the kids grow older, they learn to exploit the differences in conflict that occurs between the estranged parents, playing mom off against dad to get their own way.

Add to this the fact that a father parenting on their own also has to balance in a work schedule and some sort of a social life, and you really can begin to understand the unique difficulties faced by single parent fathers. This situation is made even more difficult if the guy has decided to start dating again, because many times their children will react to what they perceive to be a “replacement mom”.

Yet for all these trials and difficulties, there are also unique opportunities present for a dad who is prepared to look for them, and prepared to change his lifestyle and priorities. They have the opportunity to make much of the time spent with their children special, and many single dads dote on the children and delight in spoiling them!

When you are a father trying to care for your children alone either full-time or part-time, you definitely face more difficulties than does a married man. You simply cannot live your life the way other single men do, and many of the things you may want to do in business or socially you will find restricted by the presence of your children. However, you need to balance the trials of this style of parenting off against the blessings and advantages that may present .

Single parent fathers do not have an easy task, but they can have a rewarding task that will not be recognized until their children mature and become adults themselves.

Single parent fathers

How to Parenting Ideas that Work!

how to parentingThere is lots of parenting advice on the internet, but learning how to parenting ideas, ones that you can really use in your situation, is much harder to find.  Facts, figures and opinions abound, but actually finding “how to” information becomes a more difficult prospect.

My Top Ten How to Parenting Ideas

Here is ten of the best how to parenting ideas I have found…

1. Take the Emotion out of Disciplining

When our kids disobey we get angry and this is the worst thing we can do.  A screaming match is a bad way to parent, so one of the best how to parenting ideas is to take the emotion out of the situation, and logically lay out the consequences, without yelling.

2. Make Your Rules Simple

Kids need rules, but they need rules that are easy to understand and simple to follow.  Choose your battles, meaning you choose important rules to be harder on and learn to let some of the little things slide by without comment.

3. Make your Rules Clear

One of the first excuses you will hear from your child is that they did not understand what they did.  Make your rules clear, and tell them before they transgress.  It is not good coming on heavy afterwards if they have misunderstood, so get it right the first time.

4. Make the Rules and their Consequences Consistent

Consistency is the key for how to parenting ideas that work.  You cannot overlook a rule one day and expect to enforce it the next, so make clear rules and stick to the consequences, even if enforcing them is awkward for you.

5. Make Consequences Proportional

Kids often have a sense of justice, so they need to feel that the penalties you set are not only fair, but also are in proportion to the disobedience.  I would always be harder on an out and out rebellious attitude than a child forgetting something or making a mistake.

6. Communication is Important

Communicating is another key to how to parenting.  Learn how to communicate, whether it be by text, taking them out for an ice-cream or going fishing or shopping.  If you want to communicate, speak their same language, and clearly spell out the rules and the consequences.

7. Stand By Them

Your kids need to feel that you are on their side, even if they have done wrong and they know it.  Don’t be a crazy, one eyed parent, but make sure your child knows that you are with them and want the very best for them.

8. Always Use Positive Words

When disciplining children you need to encourage as well.  You might be furious, but always have some word of encouragement, either afterwards or before. Watch what you say carefully because many frustrated moms and dads have deeply hurt their children with words, so think carefully before your speak.

9. Love Them with your Time

Nothing says I love you more than taking time for them.  Put the book or compute down, close out of Facebook and turn off the phone.  Take time out of your busy day to give how to parenting to your child.

10. Unconditionally Love Them, No Matter What!

Your kids need to know that you love them, no matter what they do or say.  Tell them every day, several times a day. They may roll their eyes or shrug it off, but secretly they will love it!


Apply these 10 ideas and you can effectively learn “how to parenting” that will make your family closer and keep you close forever!

What is Good Parenting?

Parenting is Good for Single ParentsWhat is good parenting and how does someone become a good at being a parent? Anyone who has children will have asked themselves this question at some time, and it is perhaps especially important for singles, because they have to learn to fulfill two roles in the lives of their children.

Although this is a very complex subject, I would like to offer 2 simple methods you can apply to improve your skills in this area and become outstanding, even if you are single!

So exactly what is good parenting?

Being a good parent is far more than having a compliant, well-behaved child, but for many parents this appears to be the goal of their parenting. This is a very myopic view, and it is usually motivated by social concerns or a selfish desire on the part of the parent.  It goes far beyond this and helps develop their character as they prepare them for adult life.

In years gone by many favored the use of harsh discipline with a child, and the goal was to produce a kid who was ‘seen and not heard’. I believe that this is a mistake, but many do this because they were subjected to this treatment themselves when they were young.  Many adults also compare their seemingly well-behaved children with other kids who are misbehaving and it makes them feel better, but are those kids able to change their effective behaviour to ultimately make them successful in life?

Today many carry the scars of over discipline when they were young, and many are still haunted by the fact that they felt loved when they were obedient, but unloved if they made mistakes.

Some even go the other way, failing to apply any discipline or control over their children because they suffered at the hands of overbearing parents.

The thing is that good parenting starts with unconditional love, the type that does not change with whatever the child is doing or whatever rules are in play.

It is then backed up with firm and stable limits for the child, with unchanging and always applied consequences that they must learn if they step outside of the limits. In this way you can set limits for your children and protect them, and you can also guide the development of life skills they need… But consistency is the key! The consequences for disobedience must be explained to the child beforehand, and followed through with every single time until they learn that is it better for them to listen to you!

Yet no matter what mistakes they have made or what they have done, and no matter what the consequences for bad behavior, they must always know that they are loved unconditionally.

These are parental skills that you can offer your children, no matter how you were brought up yourself.  You can offer them whether you are married or single, employed or staying at home.

So the simplest answer to the question what is good parenting is twofold, unconditional love and unrelenting consequences!