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How Single Parent Families Can Make It

Single parentingIn our contemporary society you can find more single parent families than before, and while it may be difficult, I feel they can do a good job of bringing up their kids.

There are many important factors which allow single parent families to have success, so if you are parenting as a single mom or dad, here are a couple ideas to help you and your loved ones.

Get Support

We’re not an island, so if you would like your family to really make it make sure that you get support from people surrounding you. It’s generally way too much to ask that your ex is going to be supportive, but you can acquire support from your parents, close friends or relatives who have an active involvement in your family, and love your kids.

Get Training

A lot of people are unaware of the unique pressures you face as a sole parent, including your ex-partner undermining your parenting skills.

Getting some training and the right advice is very important for single parents. Our website has loads of practical parenting ideas and techniques that you can employ with the family immediately.


Get Serious

While many single mothers and dads experience lots of drama in their families, the successful ones get seriously interested in parenting, and learn the best techniques. We want to help you to establish the right boundaries, consequences for our actions and anything else you need, so check out the free information that we offer.

With the proper help, advice, ideas and techniques, single parent families can not only make it, but can become successful, powerful and awesome families!

Christmas and the Single Parent

Christmas as a Single ParentChristmas can be a joy is time for a single parent, but it can also be a time of loneliness and regret. If you are coming off a recent breakup, you can look back at your year with regret and honest relationship.

Christmas is traditionally a time for family, and when your family has been torn apart it can be a painful experience. However it doesn’t have to be, because there are many things even as a single parent that you can draw from Christmas that will bring joy, peace and great satisfaction.


How to Enjoy Your Christmas as a Single Parent

If you have young children, Christmas is always a magical time. As a single parent, you have the opportunity to share this magical time on a close, one on one relationship with your child or children. This can begin when you start decorating the tree several weeks before Christmas, and continues right up to Christmas Day, when you’re young children can get up early and begin opening presents.

The night before Christmas can be made very special, and if you do not have a partner in your relationship you can experience the joys of “being Santa Claus”. In my family, the children leave milk and cookies out for Santa, and when we get up the next morning they will find the cookies gone and the milk drunk.

Kids love presents, and the prospect of Christmas will always begin early if they get the chance. Sleep in any other day but Christmas is a day for getting up early and watching the children open their presents. If you are lucky enough to have family present, such as your parents or aunts or uncles, make sure everyone is up for the opening of the presents.

Next comes the Christmas dinner, and as a single parent you have the opportunity of involving the children as you cook turkey, stuffing, potatoes and everything else that makes a Christmas Day lunch special. Make sure you prepare the days in advance, so that as your children help you with the Christmas lunch you were not panicked and stressed.

Later in the day the children may have to go to be with the other parent, so your task as a single parent is to make sure that their time with you on Christmas Day is not only fun but is also incredibly special. Remember, you are not trying to compete with your ex for the affections, but rather you were trying to allow your children to enjoy the excitement and beauty of Christmas morning.

And when you find yourself alone, do not descend into depression and loneliness but recognise that this is a special day, especially so for single parents. If the kids are with the ex, take the opportunity to visit someone and enjoy Christmas for yourself with people you love and care for.

Most Christmas see people getting depressed and down, especially if they are single parents, but I believe as a single parent you have a great opportunity to make this Christmas and every Christmas extra special for you and your family!

The Single Parent Families Lifestyle

single parent families lifestyleThe single parent families lifestyle is a unique and interesting one. This is especially true in the case of shared custody, because it is almost like the children are living a double life.  This lifestyle is not easy for adults, let alone for a child, so the pressures on single parent families and their lifestyle is often greater than on other families, even if both parties love the kids.


The Duality of the Single Parent Families Lifestyle


Living completely different lives with mom or dad during the week is taxing on everyone, especially on the child.  Yet it is a lifestyle that has to be faced if you truly love them, and you need to do the best for your child and the family.


Here are three areas you can work on to try and minimize the potentially destructive nature of the single parent families lifestyle


Divide and Conquer Parents

Kids are great at doing this, especially in a messy or nasty separation situations, and this can be a difficult lifestyle to deal with.  Kids are experts at dividing and conquering the parents even in regular families, playing mom off against dad to get what they want.  This is even more extreme for separated parents because the parents are already divided!


The solution: Start communicating with your ex and present a united front on the key issues.  If you can’t stand each other, it’s time to make a decision that you love the kids enough to put them first and at least start texting!  If you communicate you can make sure that the child is not playing one of you off against the other and avoid a tragedy people and unaware couples in your situation face daily!


Disciplining verses Fun

Another unique single parent families lifestyle trait is when one just has fun while the other gets the reputation of being the discipline enforcer.  This can happen even in marriage or if couples stay together, so how much more for you.  But type of arrangement is doomed, so again, start talking to your ex and share both the load and the good times.  You may not love them and the relationship may be over but if you love your offspring it is time to do it for them!  And if you are the fun one you may think you are doing well, but in the important issues your son or daughter will turn to the other adult, so beware of this and share the load!


 Inconsistent Consistency

Once again communication is the key.  You need to make sure that your rules are consistent between the two households.  They also have to be consistent, so that the child knows if they do something at either house, the consequences will be the same.  If this doesn’t happen, you will find that the kids take advantage of this and run riot at one of the homes.


So, communicating with your ex-partner is the key, and forming a united front on the big issues is essential if your kids are to do well in life.  Failure to address these will result in you seeing all the bad aspects of the single parent families lifestyle in your sons and daughters as they grow up, and who wants that!