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Top Ten Good Parenting Techniques for Toddlers

Techniques to successfully parent a toddlerUsing Good Parenting techniques for toddlers can be a joy, but they can also just be hard work! Toddlers can offer you cuteness, happiness and playfulness one minute yet turn into a stubborn, defiant, rebellious psychopath the next!  Turning two can sometimes seem like the magic number when your little angel morphs into your worst nightmare, and without the right techniques for parenting them you face this terror alone!


So here is our Top Ten Good Parenting Techniques to help you Tame your Toddler!


1. Hug Them

Yes, something as small as a hug can melt a defiant toddler’s heart and cool an explosive situation.  Touching children is important, and lets them feel loved and safe, so remember, hugs are your secret weapon!

2. Love with your Eyes

If your toddler does something wrong you glare at them, but try softening your eyes.  They can sense how you are looking at them, whether you are mad, disappointed or proud, so look at them and love them with your eyes

3. Set firm boundaries with Firm Consequences

Kids need rules!  I know there is a tendency to let them be ‘free spirits’, but you will make a rod for your own back and ultimately do them no favors if you do not have rules.  Rules are boundaries within which toddlers feel safe and protected.  So take the emotion out of it, set firm boundaries and have definite consequences for crossing these.

4. Always Follow Through

Setting consequences is fine, but many parents especially single parents don’t go the distance.  Having set consequences, they give in to the toddler to make things easier or avoid a tantrum, and the child learns that tantrums work in getting their own way!  Set the consequence and stick to it, even if it upsets you or stops you doing what you want to do.  The principle is a good one for toddlers to learn, and they keep it their whole life!

5. Never Lose your Temper

Losing your temper means losing the game.  And your toddler is skilled at messing with you until you do.  Good techniques in your parenting go out the window if you lose your temper, so step back, walk away if necessary, take a few deep breaths and drain the emotion out of the situation. Never let them drive you to losing your temper!

6. To Spank or Not to Spank?

While I am no fan of spanking, there are times when very mild, very, very controlled corporal punishment works wonders. For toddlers a small tap on the wrist is all that is necessary to discipline them.  As they get older it becomes much harder, but as toddlers, it lets them know you are not happy.  Many parents try not to spank their children, then get so frustrated after a while that they end up lashing out in anger.  Small, controlled, tap… get the idea?

7. Always Speak Positively

Using the right techniques when parenting your toddler is essential, but your words can undo all the good techniques you might apply!  Your toddler will do some things wrong, they will be disobedient and test the boundaries.  Whatever happens, always speak positive words to them, never put them down, especially to others.  Always talk them up and your toddler will remember that, even when I was bad, mom or dad still said they loved me!

8. Don’t Label the Child, Label the Act

Always distinguish between the toddler and what they do, especially if it is negative.  So you might say, “What you’ve done is bad,” but never say, “You’re a bad boy.”  Let him know he is a good boy and you love him, but what he did was not good.

9. Love them with your Time

We are so busy these days, but nothing says I love you to a toddler like your spending time with them. Time spent reading to them is great for development, great for their learning potential and great for bringing you closer.  Kids love imagination, so simple acts like reading to them or going on a safari at the beach looking for shells is superb.

10. Have Fun

Your toddler needs to have fun, and so do you.  Enjoy the time you spend with them, even if some bits you can only endure.  Make sure that they see life as fun and something to be worth living.

The tone you set for your kids when they are toddlers can affect the rest of their lives, and make your job when they hit their teens much easier.  Toddlers are eager to please but also eager to test the limits, so be wise and rational, apply our Top Ten and don’t let them drive you to despair

Good parenting techniques applied to toddlers can yield great development, great character and a close parent child bond that lasts a lifetime.

About Julie

Julie is a single mother who understands how hard it is to make it as a single parent. Single parent families can be challenging, but then they also can be incredibly rewarding and satisfying. Julie hopes to use her understanding of the special needs of singles to help them become wonderful, supportive and ultimately successful for both the parents and the children.

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